Sunday, January 12, 2014

Corporate leaders retiring into political life.

Per Mahabaratha, good governance is defined by the axiom, "To save a family, abandon a man; to save the village, abandon a family; to save the country, abandon a village; to save the soul, abandon the earth." 

Well, our corporate leaders have been trained and rewarded to save the few (the stock holders and self interests) by continually abandoning interests that they were best positioned to protect. I get it. They are paid to do it and it is their job.

However what they have been doing all life long is just opposite of what is required for good governance.

So till you prove by fire that you have unlearned your trade, you will never get my support, vote or acceptance.

Any corporate leader entering public life should be answerable in public domain for the decisions they made in corporate life. 

It is important to understand the workings of their mind, their intent and values. 

Anyone who was party to whimsical, totally inconsiderate, undemocratic, policy making (in the name of rationalization) in corporate life has no place in public domain.

A great leader of a nation should inherently have compassion towards the most under privileged. They should be the voices for those who need it.

The new crop of corporate retirees entering politics have had a successful career (admired by me, a lot...) in doing self and share holder bidding. What they ended up doing for the large population of people whose life they had the biggest impact everyday directly (their employees) is the world to see.

Standing for fundamental rights, ethics, livelihood of underprivileged is the quality that needs to be demonstrated to be a leader. 

Scariest part is to have a primary key solution designer or a in-god-we-trust-everybody-brings-data-to-table manager trying to tweak-levers to achieve-KPIs. We know how it works right!!! 

I am ready to welcome every honest person to politics. However i will not throw in my support unless they clearly articulate what is the change they want to bring, for they have potential to do lot more damage than good to the system.


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