Monday, July 04, 2005

SethuSamudram - misnomer ???

The PrimeMinister of India and the leaders of the UPA shared the stage on the inauguration ceremony of the SethuSamudram project.

There are still lots of reservations from a lot of quarters regarding, the possible environmental imbalace due to this project, the Cost-Benefit analysis and Return on Investment of the project. [from a business perspective ofcourse, not in a political perspective]

The dre[u]dging of the 300 m wide canal in the palkstrait is reversing the mythical engineering marvel of the vanarasena under the supervision of Nala. We even had forwards showing photos of the RamaSethu, the adams bridge[wondering how does the translation take place :@] taken from a NASA satellite [i asked one of my friends to confirm if this is true.. He has still not go back :P]

Sethu refers to The Bridge
There are lots of sethumadhavans, sethuramans, around the ramnad area. The royal dyansty of the land is christened 'Sethupathis', meaning ruler of TheBridge.

Hanuman flew over it once in the To direction and twice in the fro :). Ramachandramurthy and Lakshmana crossed TheSethu and flew back. Seetha matha flew in and out. The Vanarasena shud have crossed The Sethu both ways.[GTP bandwidth analysys :P]

And now, we are going to cut through the Sethu and turn the clock back to pre-ramayana era. Helping Samudrarajan undo what Rama did to him.[Gender reference reproduced as-is from Ramayanam.]

All Said, who gave the name Sethu Samudram?? What does that mean??
Literally "Bridge Ocean"?

Is it that, if a bridge is let over the bay, it is the "Bay Bridge", and when we let the ocean over the bridge it is the "Bridge Ocean - Sethu Samudram"??

Or is it "Sethu Samudram Kaalvai",? - building a canal over the bridge which was built across the ocean???

Beats me..


At Tue Jul 05, 05:39:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haa haa..
today's maalai malar also carries a story on Swami Dayanand Saraswati airing similar views.

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Looks like....

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