Thursday, September 15, 2005


Today is Onam, also Vamana Jayanthi.
Let us remember the humility of Mahabalichakravarthy, and his devotion to MahaVishnu, like Prahaladha, his grandfather.

Vamana Avathara is probably the shortest of the avatharas, [both in physical and in the duration terms.]

Brahmachari Vamana is supposed to have done the Samithadhanam before going to Mahabalichakravarthy's yagnya. It is because of the samithadhanam that he got what he is entitled to even when sukracharya tried to prevent it.

Samithadhanam reads,
'Yomagne bhaginaghum santham
Atha bhagam chikeerishathu
abhagham agne thamkuru,
mam agne bhaginam kuru, swaha'
Which means,

Hey Agni, when somebody tries to snatch away, what i am rightfully entitled to, [based on my karma], please deny the snatchers, and get me what i am entitled to.

Let me put a seperate post on samithadhanam, which i had been doing twice a day daily for 13 years, sometime later.

Onam is known for the pookkolam, the onakkodi [new dress], and ofcourse the multi course feast, OnaSadhya. Enjoy it in webindia.

Wishing you a happy onam, and a prosperous year ahead.


At Thu Sep 15, 06:50:00 AM CDT, Blogger Priya said...

Good one!
well tj, the post appeared as if its going to elaborate out!!But it didn't.Guess you were busy while writing !!

At Thu Sep 15, 08:35:00 AM CDT, Blogger Prem Abraham said...

Looks like you missed the most important point - It is also the harvest festival of Kerala.


At Thu Sep 15, 08:56:00 AM CDT, Blogger Ganesh said...

nice one tj
happy onam.

At Thu Sep 15, 09:01:00 AM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

yes, for a change, i was busy. :D

Happy Onam
All those which i wanted to tell abt Onam were in wikipedia, so i just put the link on the post.. dint want to reinvent the wheel ;)

Happy Onam

At Thu Sep 15, 10:11:00 AM CDT, Blogger sukhanya said...

Nice post and informative too. HAppy onam to you and all my fellow mallus...

At Thu Sep 15, 10:52:00 AM CDT, Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

happy onam tj,
payasam ellam onda?? tat is what i like about onam

At Thu Sep 15, 12:09:00 PM CDT, Blogger Paavai said...

did you try making the dishes for onam?

At Thu Sep 15, 06:17:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Sundaresan said...

Happy Onam!!

At Thu Sep 15, 08:12:00 PM CDT, Blogger Ram.C said...

interesting one TJ.. awaiting your related post as well.

At Fri Sep 16, 03:34:00 AM CDT, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

I havent got any reply from Chakra yet - maybe I will give a call and find out today and then ring u..

Btw check this post on Vamana Avatar by Saravana :)

At Fri Sep 16, 07:15:00 AM CDT, Blogger tulipspeaks said...

i'm lost in this post..sob! sob!

At Fri Sep 16, 11:01:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Dubukku said...

samithadhanam..weight kaataraya!!

will learn it from you one day :)

At Fri Sep 16, 12:30:00 PM CDT, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

tj - check out my jatti siva now!! both parts have been updates with BGMs and songs!!!! :))

At Fri Sep 16, 02:40:00 PM CDT, Blogger Ramana Siddharth said...

hi tj.i did not know king mahabali was prahalada's grandson!talking of whom there is a lovely old tamil film called baktha prahalada.the Vamana avatara(parasurama)appears even in the ramayana.i am in book-4 of an english translated(and adapted?)version of the epic.rama defeats case of vishnu versus vishnu.i wondered how is that possible when i read it?

At Fri Sep 16, 04:07:00 PM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

pononashamshagal!! Thanks for visiting!

yummy, the variety of pradams in the sadhya is what i too am waiting for. Here you see, everything is on weekends only.

i wanted to make my masterpiece sakkarapongal, but got stuck in work till late evening, so again frozen paratta et blah blah :(


Will try to post the samithadanam post ASAP, already, part 2 of coutrallam and part 3 of netherlands are pending :(

Great, let us meet over the weekend as planned.

Enna aachu??

At Fri Sep 16, 04:28:00 PM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

but i am not able to do it here for last 5 yrs. :(
S.dhanam is simpler and easier in mantras than sandhyavandhanam :)

Jetti siva vaazhga vaazhga !! :)

Vamana and parasurama are different avatarams. Vamana preceeded parasurama.

At Fri Sep 16, 09:57:00 PM CDT, Blogger krishna said...

Nice informative one..

anticipating ur post on samithadhanam

At Sat Sep 17, 06:33:00 PM CDT, Blogger Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Cool Nice post for Onam.

At Sat Sep 17, 06:44:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Meghna said...

Hey... your article sent me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, still remember the mahabali stories my grand dad shared with me :) thanks and Happy Onam!

At Sun Sep 18, 12:39:00 PM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

Yes, will try to make it soon.

Thanks! Vamana jayanthi is one which is not celebrated as much as krishna,rama, or narasimha jayanthis. Any reasons??

Thanks for visiting!


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