Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Interesting Mail on 'Love' in Todays sense:)

A friend of mine has written the following email.. Donno if it is true these days ;)
One of our common friend told us, that a guy expressed his love to her and she also felt the same. This was our guy's reaction to it ;)
Good one..
So u r being loved. interesting. Paiyan yaru,??? avan kolam enna, gothram enna? (chaaruhasan voicela padi:))

pesama love accept panniko, park beachnu enjoy pannu, Devi theatre last seat, Marina, Mahabalipuram, Yamaha drive, V-day gift, occasional smooches, I love u nu potta Card, some junk poems (tamil is also accepted )
engO senRaay,
eppOtho en manadhai vittu
kannedhirE irundhaalum
manadhil mattum illaiyE nee

(Just copied from somwhere:))) I dont spend time on these...:)

oorlendhu amma varumbodhu, andha carda marachindu....

un roomla roomies illadha poodhu you can take him there and discuss about life, marraige, kids, old-age, parents, your brother, his brother, collegues, Ar rehman, (NOte, he will also like ARR, just because you like ARR:))))

if he eats fish and you will also eat fish just for LOVE!

Night 11:00 clock phone varumnu edhirpathundu, avan panalaeena adutha naal pesama koochindu, (Avan paavam kadan vaagni public boothlendu 1 mani neram kadala pooduvan;)))

Namala yaralum pirika muidyadhunu apdinu appo appo solikanum...! Nee sathiyama enna kalyanam panipaya???nimashathuku nimisham ketundu....avan paavam dharmasangadama vazivaan;)))

Kadisila....appa sir solra mapiliaya kalyanam panindu...aedhoOru Sethuraman (eg. Name) abindu passportla spouse name fill panindu, chennaila night 1:20am (note midnite) singapore airlines pidichu, singapore poi, angedhu 10 hours stoppver, 13 hours flight pidichi Los Angeles poi, oru chinna veetula azaga kudi eeridanum....

This is love! correct me if I am wrong ( I mean the flight timings....;))))))


At Tue Jul 05, 12:46:00 PM CDT, Blogger RS said...

What about the other side - Waiting for the chap at all hours, at godforsaken places because he asked you to come, lying to your parents about who is on the other end of the line, spending your money buying gifts for him, etc and then he says - "Sorry my parents are not accepting you" or better still "It was ok when we were in college, now I have to look for a job and marry the girl my Mom points out"...Is this love?

My take - Neither. Love is born out of respect and affection. What happens when we are too young is a flare of attraction which fizzles out.

At Wed Jul 06, 09:58:00 AM CDT, Blogger TJ said...


Agree with your take, and yes the sword is double edged as u said.


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