Thursday, October 06, 2005

Believe Me!!

Yes, please believe me.

1. For a change, i got really busy with work for whole of the week. Couldnt spend usual time in blogs.

2. Had lots of ideas and thoughts regarding a host of things starting from Moral policing to Navaratri, but cudnt find time to put them on the post.

3. And I met Unnal Mudiyum Thambi Kamalhassan.

The idea to meet him was there for long, mainly for boasting among the UMTK Rasigar Mandaram that, I met thalaivar. Unfortunately i couldnt make it to the UKB Maanadu over the aug long weekend.

In such a context, there was this open invitation for a meal in Chennai Dosa over the weekend. 'Aaha Sokka Sokka, aayirom porkaasu, enakke kidakkanum enakke kidaikkanum'. Went to the comments section of the post and filled up the application well on saturday morning itself.

Then kept on refreshing the comments section every 5-10 till late night and till evening of sunday :(. 'Sokka, Enakkilla Enakkilla'!!

Then came the blessing on monday morning. Later came to know that Sokkar was busy over his car MOT over the weekend, and could relax and find time only on monday morning. :P

And as you have belived in point 1, i got busy since monday morning, and was able to check the response only on tuesday morning. Immediately got in touch with Captain and got the co ordinates of UMTK and called him.

The Meeting was fixed on wednesday 5th October evening. Dint have lunch, so that i donot mistakingly insult the host by taking less food :D. And then came this nasty 'aapees velai'[based on belief 1], scheduled at 17.30 BST. X-(

As I was already fasting over the afternoon, talked with UMTK and then pushed the aapes conf call to 19.30 hrs, and planned to meet from 18.00 to 19.25 hrs. ;)

Though i have just written 'talked with UMTK', the talk itself was abt half an hour. First thing was where to meet. It was driven by the following constraints.
* I had so less balance on my mobile that, i cannot even give a missed call.
* Secondly, when u get into london underground mobile signals die out. While in the tube you are being transported to pre-mobile eras as well ;), along with ur destination.
* UMTK has seen me in fotos, i have seen him only in the UKB maanadu longshot photos.

Central Line ticket gates, Meeting point, Big train timing board, and after a looong discussion, it was decided to meet at platform 16 in the station, at 17.55 hrs.

Then it happend!!! There was this imposing personality walking towards me, with ilayaraja rerecoding. After a hand shake it was like ppl known for ages meeting. Ice breaking?? what?? There was no ice to break first of all.

We were then, wondering where to go, thinking abt some desi restaurants around. Here to go, there to go, where to go? wherever it may be, first we had to go to the cash machine, coz dubukku was running short of cash ;) [Believe me no.4, i offered to pay for the meet, samudrathula poi argyam vidradhu illaya andha maadhiri :P, apporam thalai irukkumbodhu vaal aada koodadhunu adangitein ;)].

Then decided to go to McD, the closest available place. Got the only available thing on the menu, and sat on the tables outside. That is where we started the arattai. Again the 'world is small' concept was reiterated. Among all other things that were discussed, important was the tips and a story from him, for Dubukku has set a good precedence in what i am upto :P.

It was so very interesting, taking us through one and a half hours like a minute. and it was time for me to run for work again.

And again i am running for a meeting, and this is what dubukku has to say. :) ensai.

I will be out of blog action over the weekend as well. Will catch it back on Monday.


At Thu Oct 06, 04:17:00 PM CDT, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

TJ - Bon Voyagage - Have a safe trip back home - and hopefully we can meet in India soon :) - It was nice meeting you boss - take care :)

At Fri Oct 07, 03:41:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Dubukku said...

yoww..seri nakkala ezhuthi irukaya...
and setting the precedence - inime jakirathiya irunga enkitta...illana pottu kuduthiruven.

It was really nice meeting you TJ. sonna maadhiri seekaram UK vandhirunga thirumba :) and more important stay in touch!

At Fri Oct 07, 05:01:00 AM CDT, Blogger WA said...

Hee Hee McD's la poi bloggers maanaadu nadathuneengala :D Safe journey home Tj and as Dubukks says keep in touch

At Fri Oct 07, 09:55:00 AM CDT, Blogger Ram.C said...

ipadi adikkadi chinna chinna maanaadu pottu kalakureenga...

At Fri Oct 07, 10:29:00 AM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

Cheers!! oops Thanks!!! [Namba oorla poi cheers na kudikara payanu nenachuruvanga :P]

Anna, ungal vazhiyil sellum anbu thambingana naanum. Ungalta jaagradhayadhaangana irupein :)
Sure. Will keep in touch as usual.

McD yil or Maanaadu!! Peru super illa.
Thanks!! And yes, as will always be visiting u all daily :)

Aedho nambalum mandala maanadhu, maavatta manadu ellam pottu, appadi aduthavangala meter pottu vaazhndhundu irkkom. ;)


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