Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Saraswathi Namasthubhyam!!

Today is Saraswathi poojai!!

The last 3 days of Navaratri are dedicated to worshipping Saraswati. Saraswati is worshipped chiefly at Koothanur in the Intgrated Thanjavoor district.

Akilandeshwari of Tiruvanaikovil is believed to have taken the saraswati swaroopam and spit her beetle leaves into the mouth of the lazy idler, who then became the pun-man kaalamegappulavar. Worshiping Saraswati at Tiruvanaikovil is considered to be very auspicous.

Uttamarkovil near trichy has Brahma and Saraswati sannidhis.
Sharadha devi of Sringeri, is the saraswati swaroopam, revered by Adishankaracharya himself.

And, i have landed back in Bangalore, and heading to Trichy for the Vijayadasamai. Really looking forward to bask in the beningn grace of the Best-Place-On-Earth.

Dussera wishes to one and all, and prayers for removing the darkness of ignorance.

Saraswati namasthubyam varade kamaroopini
vidyarambam karishyami, sidhir bhavathume sadha!

Yaa kundendushara haaradhavala,
Yaa shubra vasthra vratha,
yaa veena varadhanda mandhitha kara,
yaa shwetha padmasana,
yaa brahma achutha shankara prabrithibir sadha poojitha,
saa maampathu saraswati bhagawathe nissesha jadya paha!!


At Tue Oct 11, 08:07:00 AM CDT, Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Happy Saraswathi poojai to u too :)..

Wow - I didnt know these facts - very good - also enjoy ur holiday in tiruvanaikovil! Eat the chakrapongal and drink some paneer soda remembering me :(

At Tue Oct 11, 08:23:00 AM CDT, Blogger Ganesh said...

Enjoy your holidays.
Unga trip pathi blog pannunga photosoda okava.

At Tue Oct 11, 08:54:00 AM CDT, Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

ensoi holidays, onga ooru pics ellam podungo

At Tue Oct 11, 09:12:00 AM CDT, Blogger WA said...

Nice to hear from you Tj, enjoy Vijayadasami at home.

At Tue Oct 11, 12:25:00 PM CDT, Blogger Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Happy Saraswati pooja TJ.

Mayi Medham Mayi Prajaam Mayi Agnistejo Dadatu
Mayi Medham Mayi Prajaam Mayi Indra Indriyam Dadatu
Mayi Medham Mayi Prajaam Mayi Suryo Brajo Dadatu

Hamsa Hamsaiya Vidmahe Paramahamsaye Demahi Thanno Hamsi Prachodayat !

At Tue Oct 11, 01:47:00 PM CDT, Blogger RS said...

Thanks for the relevant post today! Happy Saraswati pooja and a happy Vijayadasami to you :)

At Wed Oct 12, 10:44:00 AM CDT, Blogger Subha said...

Enjoy Trichy on my behalf too..:) Sigh.

At Wed Oct 12, 10:59:00 AM CDT, Blogger krishna said...

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At Wed Oct 12, 10:59:00 AM CDT, Blogger krishna said...

Nice post Tj..

Yaa Devi Sarva Bhooteshu Buddhi Roopena Samsthita
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha

Tiruvanaikoil is an awesome plz and it is also the hometown of my bro-in-law:)

have fun bro

At Wed Oct 12, 09:51:00 PM CDT, Blogger Ram.C said...

Good one TJ,on the occasion... same wishes to you... enjoy the holidays...

At Fri Oct 14, 12:15:00 PM CDT, Blogger Ramana Siddharth said...

hi tj..gr8 2 c ur enjoying urself in india..the whether is actually lovely here in chennai..

'prayers for removing the darkness of ignorance.'-this line of urs reminds me of a lovely sanskrit slokam-

asatoma sadgamaya,
tamasoma jodirgamaya,
mrityoma amirdamgamaya,
om shanti shanti shanti he

will u be in india for deepavali?

At Sat Oct 15, 04:06:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Raghu said...

Hey Nathan, happy Saraswati puja. But please make sure you get the shlokas right... for god's sake. Rather, goddess' sake.
The missing part of the shloka in bold.
Yaa kundendutushara haaradhavala,
Yaa shubra vasthraanvita,
yaa veena varadhanda mandhitha kara,
yaa shwetha padmasana,
yaa brahma achutha shankara prabrithibir devihsadha poojitha,
saa maampathu saraswati bhagawathe nissesha jadya paha!!

At Sun Oct 16, 02:40:00 AM CDT, Blogger Priya said...

sooper tj..

naanum romba busyaa irundhen..visiting here after a while..

uttamar kovil saraswathi has so much power.. u may think i am superstitious.. but, when i was in a state when i badly wanted to get admission for Phd in toxicology with aid in a good school, I had only rejects from most univ.. somebody suggested to pray sarawathi at uttamar kovil..

i could feel a sort of confidence in me after i went there.. and then i got the admit.

thats one of the oldest temples too

At Mon Oct 17, 04:17:00 AM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

Thanks, super paneer soda happend. but no sakarapongal. I was not able to go to any temples for certain reasons. :(

Yes, adutha post adhudhaan ;)

Nandri, pics romba edukkala, anga oorla dhideernu romba velai.. :(

Thanks.! I had a very different vijayadasami.

The 'Mayi..' is what is recite daily as a part of Samithadanam. :) and i did it this time as well.

Thanx. Hope u had a nice Thalai saraswati poojai. :P

Trichy ensai panradhu, karumbu thingaradhu maadhiri. and i didit on ur behalf as well :)

Oh! appo, naa unga mappillai veetu kaarar nu sollunga ;)

Thanks,Had a holiday, which was very satisfying.

Yes, heard that chennai had good rains. I might be traveling to chennai sometime in the last weekend of october. The plans are still tentative.

Thanks Raghu,
For letting me know another version of the sloka.
'kundendutushara' can be joined as 'kundendushara'.
'Vastra vanita' means 'who is decorated with vastra'.
'vastra vratha' means 'who wears the vastra'.

'brahma achutha shankara prabrithibir sadha poojitha' - who brahma, achutha shankara always worship.
'brahma achutha shankara prabrithibir devaihsadha poojitha'- who, the Gods brahma achutha shankara always worship.
Infact i have heard lot more version of this sloka, where people use 'sada vanditha' in place of 'sada poojitha' and lots more.

wow! similar story happend with me as well.

At Wed Oct 08, 10:42:00 PM CDT, Blogger SIG said...

Am another misplaced desi, and was hoping to do some sort of pooaji here this year. So your post helps and Raghu's corrections to your slokhams. Hopefully Saraswati will hear the spirit in my recitation rather than possible typos.


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