Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Learning Hindi is a critical need"

Learning Hindi is a critical need - sez who?

Definitely not me, then who?

The answer is here !!


At Sun Jan 08, 09:56:00 PM CST, Blogger Ram.C said...

Couldn't enter... who was it?

BTW.. I also felt the same way, after my visit to Mumbai.

At Mon Jan 09, 03:09:00 AM CST, Blogger WA said...

Cant access the document, but I presume learning Hindi is critical for those who live in the Hindi land and for those whom its the mother tongue.

At Mon Jan 09, 03:14:00 AM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Bush

At Mon Jan 09, 03:18:00 AM CST, Blogger Chakra Sampath said...

saw that piece in xpress and couldn't stop smiling! :)

At Mon Jan 09, 09:51:00 AM CST, Blogger TJ said...

yes it is critical if we live in mumbai or north india, else, i dont find a need for it.
That was what i too thot, and this article is a suprise.
it was not Bush who told it, it was Bush administration. :)
Xpress articlesa proof readersa vida jasthiyave padikkara makkal namba rendu perudhaan :P

At Wed Jan 11, 11:13:00 PM CST, Blogger mysorean said...

If it was George Bush (or his administration!), then it wasn't worth this post! :))

At Thu Jan 12, 06:05:00 PM CST, Blogger TJ said...


At Thu Jan 12, 06:06:00 PM CST, Blogger TJ said...

sorry the article referred by the link has been moved to the archives.
You can access it by registering for free.


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