Thursday, January 19, 2006

Match Point

I watched this movie on the last weekend i stayed in Bay Area. Couldnt make this post earlier, since am still settling in Chicago and the new assignment. Will take up the India!=Hindi sequel and the comments for the part 2 sometime this weekend and before that i wanted to tell abt this movie.

A friend of mine and I were just driving and was talking abt thalaivi Scarlett Johansson, and just droped in at the Cinema as an extended part of the conversation. Did not see any reviews, didnt know the casting. I would suggest you to watch the movie with such less information.

It is a simple story...[no, there are no spoilers ahead.] The casting is nice and they played to their roles. The time and priority of scenes in the story has been well managed.

After the movie, there was a sense of satisfaction and the feeling of completing a nice little 2 page short story. :) Any more, if i say can either set bigger expectations or end as a spoiler. So, enjoy it yourself.

Of Course, thalaivee was as gorgeous and attractive as ever. :P
Can watch the movie a second time, for her. ;)


At Thu Jan 19, 05:53:00 PM CST, Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

Yeah, TJ, I remember you mentioned this the last time we met.

I'll have to wait for the DVD I guess.!!

At Fri Jan 20, 06:29:00 PM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is that 'friend' came with u for the movie? sometime the movie looks good, because of the 'friend' who sits next to u...
even 4hrs movie looks short and sweet..

At Sun Jan 22, 09:45:00 PM CST, Blogger Jagan said...

maams , dont polambify abt scarlett Johansson any more ..ur freedom was snatched a few days back due to obvious reasons . if u still are adamant , u sud get ready for few beatings when u r in chennai :)

At Tue Jan 24, 10:54:00 AM CST, Blogger Dubukku said...

who is that 'friend' came with u for the movie?
--Nalla kozhuthi potteenga ponga..ithu mattum intended frienda illama pona...mathatha avanga paarthupanga.

Can watch the movie a second time, for her. ;)

- seri en pangukku- inga solli irukara her yaaaru? :P

At Wed Jan 25, 09:27:00 PM CST, Blogger Priya said...

you have been tagged

At Fri Jan 27, 10:27:00 AM CST, Blogger Ram.C said...

Seems you have slipped, when you came out of the movie hall..

thaanga mudiyalappa..

anyhow, I will keep it in my "to watch list"

At Sat Jan 28, 10:21:00 AM CST, Blogger TJ said...

Narayanan Sir,
yeah, you can wait for the DVD, it is not a watch-only-in-Theatre movie.

That friend was Rajesh da :(

Puriyudhu machchi, adhnaala dhaan inga irukkumbodhe konjam vaazhndhudalam nu plan :P

Thankfully the 'friend' with whom i went for the movie is also known to 'avanga', adhnaala onnum prachanai illa :P

idho, somberithanathai vittutu, andha tag ezhudhara vazhiya pakkarein.

Enna padam pudikkaliyaa ungalukku??
padam, Simple and straightaa irukku.

At Fri Feb 03, 12:47:00 AM CST, Blogger Random Access said...

She looks good, i will wait for my friends to download it...

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

At Mon Feb 06, 01:40:00 AM CST, Blogger Viji said...

Me still waiting to congratulate you, on the hopes that an official announcement will eventually trickle in, but to no avail. So, here goes...
Congrats and Best wishes! :)

At Tue Feb 07, 05:51:00 PM CST, Blogger TJ said...

Yes man, it is not a theatre-only movie. Wait-able till it is downloadable :)

Thanks very much. Official announcement india vandhu panniklamnu.. :P
btw r v on the same page?? :P

At Tue Feb 07, 11:40:00 PM CST, Blogger Viji said...

TJ- Naa, I have miles to go... :p


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