Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Saving the Earth

Priya has tagged me for my ideas on Saving the Earth for future generations.

Here goes my 2c.

Save the Earth for future generations.

1. Message of Peace and brotherhood

When there is mutual hostily among human beings, comes the Ego clashes resulting in the necessity to raise and display one's 'High handedness' at 'any cost'.
The 'Any Cost' part of it is the fundamental to all the maladies faced today.

If we work backwards on that statement, we finally end up with the 'mutual hostility' as the root.
Spreading the message of peace and brotherhood [not the missionary type brotherhood] reduces a lot of harm we do to Earth.

2. Education and Awareness

Education, i mean is making every individual streamline the thought process so as to analyze the macro effect of every action/inaction. This is something which is lacking today. Every indivudual has to be told his duties and responsibilities.

3. If both of the above doesnt work, wait for 2035. Come to Chicago, stop Will Smith from destroying the new gen robots which impose a curfew on human kind in order to prevent us from self destruction. [further info here]

ps: i have a hard date of going to back to india by feb last weekend, and am working with that, so the posts would be few for a couple of more weeks. apologies. :)

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