Monday, November 28, 2005

The Last Word!

If all the English words in use, are put in alphabetical order, which would bee the last word?

After a really hectic three weeks of work, came the ThanksGiving weekend. I profoundly thank the ThanksGiving, for, it could not have come at a more appropriate time. :)

Drove over to Las Vegas. Chose not to travel on the wednesday evening and sunday evening, and thankfully avoided the hours and hours of traffic jams.

On the way in I-15, was this exit named ZZYXZ. Among all the curiosity it raised, the first one was how to pronouce it.

Please find related information here, and this supposedly is the the last word.! :)

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tied down!!

The new assignment at San Jose, is taking on me.. full time n big time :(
I chose to commute through public transport[London hangover?!?], than get the car.

The commute is 1 hour each way. That gives me 2 solid hours to get my thought process going and gives me lots of threads to write about. In the same breath, it leaves me with very little time on the computer at home.

So, till i get time to breath, and blog, [which i think shud happen soon], i will just be bloghopping with whatever time available, and an occassional post now and then.

Hmm.. eppadi irundha naan ippadi aayiteen.:(

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Capital Punishment

I have generally found myself on the other side of the majority opinion of the net-enabled people regarding Capital Punishment, POTA, "Moral Policing" and related issues.

This news item about the latest Capital Punishment provided by the Delhi Court on the Red fort attack is something which is worth reading.

The judge has said "this is a case where life imprisonment would be inadequate and ends of justice would be served only by awarding the death sentence". And I believe there are a lot of similar cases. Law is not only to regulate people, but to act as an effective deterent as well. Given that, in India, a 'life imprisonment', is not for 'life' [as in John Grisham's 'The Last Juror'].

In this context, President Dr.Kalam's stance on Capital Punishment has been disclosed recently in news articles like this. But once a capital pushiment is reduced to life, it is 14 years, and in 7 yrs, and the prisoner is released on 'good conduct' for a national leader's birthday.

Effectively a court has granted Capital punishment to a person, and he comes back into the society within 7 years, which for me personally is unacceptable.

Interestingly, also, after abt 2 days after the verdict, still i have not found the 'human rights' activists to flood the media with cribs against the indian judicial system. Ok, since it is diwali, the MSM is on vacation?? Mebbe tomorrow they would be back??

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