Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thiruvanaikovil Thaer

Back in India, due to lack of connectivity at Home, i am not able to actively blog off late.

Every time i would want to put up a blog, the intensity of what i wanted to write, did not over take the inertia of not updating the blog.
Now, there is something which has had a big impact on me, and I am grief sticken.

It is regarding the tragedy at Tiruvanaikovil car festival.

I make it a point to attend the celebration every year, if i am in India, probably i just missed a couple of years.
This year too, i had taken a day off [since Ugadi holiday in Bangalore was on monday, and according to Temple almanac it fell on Tuesday.] and went to Tiruvanaikovil.

And this is what i had to witness.

I have heard my elder folks talk about such thing happend in the past. But this has really come as a rude shock to all those who looked up to this event as an event of social strength and thanks giving.

May Akilandeshwari and Jambukeshwarar rest them all.

Below are the pictures that i took.


At Thu Mar 22, 11:17:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Mysorean said...

Couldn't read the story as the link refused to allow me in without a registration.

Since you have mentioned it is a tragedy and people have died, I wish their souls Rest in Peace.

Good to see you back.


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