Thursday, June 15, 2006

Alternate professions ?!?!

Priya has raised the question,

If.... if incase you HAVE TO switch fields once in every 5 years between your 30 to 50 yrs of age assuming that your monetary needs are taken care in upper-middle class standards, what (4-5 professions) you would wish to do (and say few words about it) ?

I did not have much of thinking to do.

30-35 – Learn samskritam, PaTanam, Vaachikam. Attain ‘Pandityam’. Don’t know if 5 years would be sufficient for that.
35-40 – Read and interpret Vedas, Upanishads, their Bashyams, Kalidasa’s works et al
40-45 - Take up the task of spreading all those learnt in the past ten years.
45-50 – Set up permanent infrastructure to continually do what I was doing in the last five years.
50 + - Go back as a student and learn more of what is learnt from 30-40

Though the above do not really qualify as professions, tell me, why somebody would need to be a professional when monetary needs are take care ;)

Also, along with the above prime interest, the following would be my parallel interests through the years
30-35 – Visit the temples of tamilnadu and make a comprehensive volume of bhakti compositions associated with them.
35-45 – Establish Anglo-Vedic schools [in the true sense of it], and create English-educated society with Vedic fundamentals.
45 + - Learn the nuances of theoretical carnatic music and appreciate the greatness of the ragas and krithis.

Now getting back to work, to continue the shitty consulting documents i am busy preparing since the past fortnight. :(

I tag all those who dare to dream, to get themselves tagged. ;)


At Thu Jun 15, 09:28:00 AM CDT, Blogger Slice Of Life said...

the primary motive of changing professions is either to make more money or to have job satisfaction
i read in aval vikatan today abt a software engineer (lady)who has passed out from MIT,chennai and holds a ME has quit her job in sw industry where she was globtrotting to take up catering business and has become a success .she says she is happy that she has employed people and paying them rathen than receiving from somebody needs to take risks too.

At Mon Jun 19, 10:28:00 PM CDT, Blogger Priya said...

thanks for answering the tag..
its nice...
yeh, if u get a chance to read new vedic scriptures, please remember to let me know how and where u spread what u learn .

At Tue Jun 20, 04:53:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Dubukku said...

Enna TJ oreee Vedam, paandithyamnu plans pola irukku?

- Just curious is this newly married effect or what? ;)

At Wed Jun 21, 01:06:00 AM CDT, Blogger kavitha said...


If the desire is strong, then you will not consider it as an alternate profession. If the faith is certain and unshakable, you will not cling to your known world.

Is there fear of the unknown in the post you made? trying to keep your feet in 2 boats will bring more frustration than happiness...

think about it. I have been part of this corporate rat race for 8 to 9 years and now if you ask me where do i want to find myself 5 years from now... well out of this corporate ladder within the next 3 years i would say.

when you are determined, the Gods will take care of your sustenance, yes, buying a good car and marriage and materialistic lifestyle etc (samsara bandhanam) is ruled out then.

think about it.

Kavitha Kalyan

At Sat Jul 29, 12:46:00 AM CDT, Blogger Priya said...

hello tj
enna ore ensoiyingaa... postee kaanum:)-

At Thu Aug 03, 04:09:00 AM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

Was quite busy acting-like-working for some months now. Also with no net access at home, blogging has become a luxury. Hope things change fast :)


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