Thursday, March 29, 2007

Political crisis - Reservations Again!!

What the Supreme court said yesterday on the Reservations is something which is definitely heart warming!!

1. It has agreed that Reservations/affirmative action is needed in the country to uplift bacward.
2. Backward does not mean only those who are born in certain castes.
3. Creamy layer of these castes do more harm to their brethern than upper castes.

TamilNadu politicians are planning a bandh.. Go Get A Life.. Loosers..

Now the country polity is in an unique crisis. Let us see how.
1. Parliament is the sole representative of people's will.
2. Democracy is rule of the people. [Thus parliament thinks it is supreme]
3. The consitution says that, Constitution is superior to Parliament. [The collective wisdom of the Constituent Assembly members is superior to the parlimentarians at any point in time.].
4. The Constitution also says that Supreme Court is the Guardian of the Constitution. Which means Parliament can enact laws, but Supreme Court has the authority to decide whether these laws confirm to the basics of the constitution.

So all those folks who think Parliament is supreme are on one side and all those who think Constitution is supreme are on the other side.

Had i been asked to choose this in late 1950s or early 1960s, i would have gone with the Parliament lobby. But looking at what the constituents of the parliament today of, it is nightmarish to even think of giving supreme authority to a group of selfish, power hungry loots.

Supreme court and Consitution, you are Supreme, and it is not long before the country goes on the streets over this crisis, and i am with you folks. [At this point in time ;)]


At Wed Apr 25, 05:55:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Raja said...

Hi TJ,

There is no castism in countries where reservation is there.

Please refer the ratio of indian population to assertain who are the loosers.


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