Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Science in Stotram Mantram

Trying to understand the nityakarmanushtana mantras and stotras [everyday rituals], and associating them with science and current discoveries reinforces our belief in the scriptures.

What is the source of energy for earth?

Isnt it that every movement of even the subatomic particles in this world is powered directly or indirectly by the sun. Your eyeball movement while reading this, or my finger movement while i was typing, the movement of blood within our body and the breath which we take, are powered by the energy of the sun.
The hydro electric, thermal, solar, wind, oceanic whatever ways of energy production, everything is solar powered.

The cars, the trains, the rockets, the bicycles, this computer all of them.

Till the arrival of Copernicus, the whole of the western world was beliveing in geo centric theories of the universe.

When did the eastern world get to know of this??

to know that, let us see the above fundae being put in the following simple, sandhyavandhanam suryanarayana mantram.

Namah savitre jagateka chaksuse,
Jagat prasuti, sthiti nasa hetave,
Trayimayaya trigunatma dharine,
Virinchi narayana sankaratmane
Dhyeyah sada, savitrmandala, madhyavarti,

Salutations to the sun who functions as the sole eye of the world, who is the cause of the creation, sustenation, and dissolution of the worlds, who is of the form of the veda, and who appears as Brahma, Vishnu and Siva by the manifestation of the three gunas. We must always meditate on SuryaNarayana, who is centred in the solar orb.

Savitramandalam or Suryamandalam - The solar system. This word is still used in tamil medium science books. How relevant are these mantras to todays world!!.

But we dont know how did mantra came into existence, who do we need to point out as the discoverer of this theory, like what the western world did with copernicus. It is all shravanam.

There is a lot of fundamental scientific concepts in the centuries old mantras, which have been lauded as pathbreaking discoveries in the western world.


At Tue Jul 12, 12:37:00 PM CDT, Blogger ioiio said...

From Physics swami takes up astronomy..

At Tue Jul 12, 05:03:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

If we look at the ancient scriptures we can find one thing in common. They seem to go from gross level to finer level everytime. And when they did that they could find unity in all the things they saw and percived. And the unity in the external world is just a reflection of the inherent unity in everything. They surpassed modern day scientists by any level. You are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work.

At Wed Jul 13, 05:36:00 AM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

ok.. science kku konja naal leave utturlam.

Thanks kasthuri. keep visiting. Your newly enchristened vedanta blog is one which i look forward to.

At Wed Jul 13, 06:49:00 AM CDT, Blogger Chakra Sampath said...

enna sir.. 2 days aa ore hi-fundoo stuff?

At Sun Jul 17, 11:35:00 PM CDT, Blogger Ranj said...

TJ: Dropped by from Kasthuri's blog. Very interesting to read! I am more excited about the prospect of learning more about the vedas, the mantras etc from your blogs. Excellent work. Look forward to more. Blogrolling you, btw.

At Mon Jul 18, 07:11:00 AM CDT, Blogger TJ said...

Thanks Ranj for visiting. Keep dropping by.

At Mon Jul 25, 05:55:00 PM CDT, Blogger Saravana Kumar said...

Hmm I've got lotsof interesting stuff ... more scientificall concrete ... that goes deep into the meanings of general relativity and quantum physics. will post it soon on my blog.


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